Dalam hidup ini kita pasti mempunyai sebuah pekerjaan, entah itu guru, dokter, penulis, pedagang, bahkan kalian yang merupakan seorang pelajar pun juga adalah sebuah pekerjaan. Kita juga bisa menjadikan pekerjaan yang kita inginkan sebagai cita-cita kita di masa depan. Baiklah mari kita langsung saja ke vocabulary lengkap mengenai Job and Occupation.

  • teacher = guru
    • doctor = dokter
    • author = penulis
    • architect = arsitek
    • actrees = aktris
    • actor = aktor
    • butcher = tukang daging
    • mechanic = mekanik
    • labor = buruh
    • cashier = kasir
    • chef = koki masak
    • barber = tukang cukur
    • coach = pelatih
    • pilot = pilot
    • journalist = wartawan
    • fisherman = nelayan
    • dentist = dokter gigi
    • engineer = teknisi
    • sailor = pelaut
    • lawyer = pengacara
    • manager = manajer
    • driver = sopir

Contoh kalimat Job and Occupation

  • I want to be a teacher (aku ingin menjadi seorang guru)
    • I am a student of SMAN 6 Cimahi (aku adalah seorang murid SMAN 6 Cimahi)
    • My uncle is a fisherman from pameungpeuk, garut (pamanku adalah seorang nelayan dari pameungpeuk, garut)
    • I visit a dentist two times a year (aku mengunjungi dokter gigi dua kali selama setahun)
    • A lawyer of Jessica Wongso is very good when delivered his arguments (seorang pengacara dari jessica wongso sangatlah bagus ketika dia menyampaikan pendapatnya)
  • He became a manager since 2 weeks ago (dia menjadi seorang manager sejak 2 minggu yang lalu)
    • My father is a journalist of NET.TV (ayahku adalah seorang wartawan dari NET.TV)
    • I want to be an actrees like Raline Shah (aku ingin menjadi artis seperti Raline Shah)
    • I love to eat on that restaurant, the chef is capable to make a good food in there. (aku suka makan di restoran itu, kokinya sangat mumpuni untuk membuat makanan yang enak disana)
    • My english teacher is my favorite teacher in the school (guru bahasa inggrisku adalah guru favoritku di sekolah)



Bagian-bagian surat Lamaran Pekerjaan

  1. Your address = alamat surat penulis
  2. The address of the company you are writing to. Use complete title and address; ( untuk menulis alamat yang akan dituju harus jelas, agar pihak pengirim tidak salah alamat)
  3. Always make an effort to write directly to theperson in charge of hiring ( misalnya dalam mengirim surat lamaran seharusnya langsung ditujukan ke orang atau pihak yang dituju)
  4. Opening paragraph ( paragraph pembuka)
  5. Middle Paragraph / Body ( isinya adalah inti dari penulisan surat)
  6. Closing signature ( penutup)
  7. Signature ( tanda tangan) Example:

Job Opportunity as accountant

A well known organization located in Karachi requires services of an Accountant. applicant should be minimum a commerce graduate and computer literate. Must have five years experience with limited firm, having his own transport. Must possess knowledge of complete accounts cylcle.


Email : Or sent your resume by courier at 28 – C, 4th floor, Main 26th street, Touched commercial Area, Phase V,DHA, Karachi. Latest by Sunday February 24, 2013

Phone : 021 – 35370880, 35304331

Surat lamaran pekerjaan lowongan dalam bahasa inggris

28 – C 4th floor Main 26th street

Touched Area V DHA, Karawachi Subject: Application for Employment Dear.


Jakarta Respectly,

In accordance with the offer of a job vacancy from the Advertisement, I want to apply as an accountant on your company. My brief data, as shown below:

Name                           : Ayu Aprilia

Places & date of birth : Lampung, June 7, 1992

Last of Education       : Accountant at UNU Lampung

Address                       :Jl. Pramuka Labuhan Ratu 1 Pekalongan HP, e-mail                          :081273471234, Marital Status                          : Not married

I have a very good health condition and able to speak English both orally and in writing. My education background is satisfactory. I have been accustomed to working with computers.

Especially operate MS Office application packages, such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. I love to learn, and can work independently and in teams with good. For your consideration, I attach the following biographical data (Curriculum Vitae).

I hope Mr / Mrs willing to take the time to give me the opportunity to join an interview as soon as possible.


Ayu Aprilia

Phone : 021 – 5758243

Jl. Melati No.23 Tangerang – 15712

Attention To:

Human Resources Department Yayasan KPT

Jl. Raya Bumi Sentoda No. 5 Cibinong

Dear Sir/Madam,

Having known about a vacancy advertised on Kompas, February 22, 2012, I am interested in the position of Account Executive (AE).

I am a 26 year old male, graduated from a reputable university, having skill in English, both written and oral and also operating computer. I am a hard worker, able to work in individual and in team.

I would gladly welcome an opportunity to have an interview with you at your convenience. I hope my skills can be one of your company’s assest. I am looking forward to hearing from you in the near future. Thank you for your consideration and attention.

Sincerely yours,

Asep Catur Putra

Enclosures :

  • copy of ID Card
  • copy of Final Certificate
  • photo
  • Curriculum Vitae

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